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Body Found

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Body Found In Field Near Sonora Walmart

Person With Metal Detector Discovered Decomposed Body

POSTED: 8:52 am PDT August 8, 2011

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SONORA, Calif. -- A person combing a field for old coins with a metal detector reported finding a body in a field south of Highway 108, according to the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department.

Dispatchers received a call reporting the discovery around noon Sunday, a news release issued Monday states.

The field is located behind a Walmart store in Sonora.

No foul play is suspected, the sheriff’s department said. Dental records will be used to identify the victim.

Read more: http://www.kcra.com/news/28799942/detail.html#ixzz1USWBon2F

Anybody here?

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Heck, they are paving over dozens of bodies right now at the new checkpoint! There are supposed to be a bunch of them located by a reporter a couple of years ago. He is raising a stink about it but the Feds just keep bulldozing and paving.

The New Mexico border is littered with bodies. It is the shortest stretch of border anywhere but mile per mile the most deadly spot on the planet right now.

We dont have the illegal problem that we did just a couple of years back, but we seem to have a large murder problem. And as long as they can pave over the bodies it is officially not "spilling over".

I remember my first body discovery back when I was just a lad of 12 years old. She was wrapped in a blanket and set on fire. Looking up at me with a big grin on her face! She never did make the papers. Just like another heap of garbage on the border.

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Holy make-over BB....if that new avatar is your new look I take back all those bad things I been thinking

about you....CHA-ZAM!!!!

I do miss the Toyota....

Quite the looker that Sarah!

The old avatar will go back up tonight. I had to reload a photo to make it work and I uploaded Sarah and the yardstick as a temporary.

That woman is better loking with her clothes on than most women are bare naked.

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Somebody found a body here in Redding a couple a days ago--burned and scattered but DNA ID. With the weeds knocked down by rain and frost they are popping up all over the place around here this year????? Found 3 in my life and NO FUN-----John

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