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Ebay Meteor-Wrongs

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Hi all!

Many of you know this but there are a lot of new folks out there buying "meteorites" on Ebay, only to learn later, that what they purchased are not meteorites at all.

I really hate to see people get burned on this sort of thing and I know education is the key, thus the reason for this post. dry.gif

Currently there is a person or persons selling "iron meteorites" from a strewn field near Hesperia, CA.

Pictures have been posted on the meteoriteID web site and you can get on Ebay and do a search for California Meteorite and find them. If you do look , read the description. You'll find out that some of us are meteorites nuts!happy0193[1].gif

So, with that said, for the new folks, please get on any one of the meteorite related forums and ask questions about meteorites you want to buy on Ebay or at least ask about the seller. Most all legit meteorite dealers are on these forums (lurking for the most part) but they are known and respected and all the more experienced folks can tell you who they are. There is no need to get ripped off on Ebay to obtain quality meteorites and there is absolutely no such thing as a "good deal" on meteorites on Ebay.


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Aloha Jim,

I know exactly who you are talking about. Guy is a real tool and keeps on changing his story about his "iron meteorite". His latest email to me was definitely "way out there" for sure. May end up contact ebay to make a report on him, not that it would do any good as I can tell from past experiences with them.

And yes anyone who is buying anything on ebay really needs to do their homework not only on the product but on the seller as well. Too many scammers out there just waiting to grab a buck from the inexperienced buyer.

Can hardly wait to get out of town next week with the "hershey team".

Aloha until then.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Some thoughts for the weekend!

You know, to be an outlaw, meaning you live outside the norm of society's rules and regulations, one of the first things you must throw out is dishonesty to stay alive! Being an outlaw has nothing to do with scum. Respect, honesty, loyalty, honor all are huge parts of being an outlaw. Respect and friendship... brotherhood... is earned, not given.

These people, like Drmoe52, are nothing better than the scum of the earth. They are not outlaws, they are scum, that feed off people.

Just some thought for the weekend.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.

Alamo Breccia, Yelland.....here we come! :thumbsupanim


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