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San Domingo dinkster....


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Put in 4 hours near the San Doming Wash this morning :head: Started getting pretty dang hot :scare: about 11:30 so I crawled into the air conditioning and blazed a trail for home. First time out with a gold bug, and she lived up to the name, netting me a 3 tenths of a gram keeper :)


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Good on ya, Adam. There are batches and batches of yellow nuglets in your future for sure with that GB2, not to mention the gazillion gray ones that litter the landscape. I'm still finding a few with my GB2s [i have three of them], but of late I have been climbing the learning curve with the new GB Pro. Fascinating similarities between the two models, but essential differences. When I return from a three week run up to Trinity and Siskiyou Counties in September I'll likely have more to post about the GB Pro. Once again, congrats on the find.

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Nice dink Adam.

I definately I'm interested in hearing your observations on the GB Pro, Martin.


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Thanks for all the complements guys. It really didnt seem to hot at all for the first three hours or so. It was nice to get out, as it has been well over a month..

I look forward to reports on that Gold Bug Pro too.

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I can see why you fella's are so high on the GB 2's. I was out with a guy a while back who had one.

I had mentioned that although I hadn't found any gold with my TDI as yet, I was finding deeper trash than with my old GMT.

I mentioned one trash find of a 30 cal. bullet about 12 -14" deep. He told me he had done the same with his GB 2.

I'm very impressed !


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seal your cover. You'll get debris inside that will effect your signals. I masked mine with tape right up to the gap and filled with a very thin line of silicone.

More is not better. Finger trowel the silicone into the gap and then peal the tape off.

I love my GB2.

First nugget.

1 side a1.jpg

First Silver

1843 Heads.jpg

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