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ARISSat-1 Microsat

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Howdy folks,

As some of you know I have a few hobbies, and one of them is amateur radio. And I like to explore different aspects of amateur radio and love Slow Scan TV or SSTV for short. Basically SSTV is sending TV images over the airwaves but only one frame in a transmission. Just recently, the ISS launched a micro-sattellite called, ARISSat-1 microsat. This microsat is transmitting on a freq. of 145.950 MHz FM, and also has a beacon. This morning I was able to capture the picture it is transmitting via a Yaesu VX-8r, arrow antenna, and used my phone to capture the audio, which was then fed into my computer to 'see' the picture. MMSTV is the software that converts all the audio data to a picture, which is a free software program. Very cool stuff, considering that the microsat is only transmitting at 250Mw, which is very low power. This is pretty cool, and especially neat for those new amateur radio. Jason ;)

Here is some brief info from AMSAT.

ARISSat-1 is a microsat developed as a follow-on to the SuitSat-1 project. The satellite was launched to the ISS on January 28th, 2011, with deployment on EVA 29 at 1843, August 3, 2011.

The satellite will downlink live SSTV images from four onboard cameras, live telemetry and messages on the CW, FM voice, and BPSK downlinks, as well as provide a 16kHz wide transponder for two-way contacts. All the uplinks and downlinks are based on software defined radio systems.


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Richard, it's a 'geeky' thing I guess, but fun making contacts all around the world.

Rick, long time no hear... Hope to chat on them some day. They sure are fun to mess around with. I follow the following: SO-50, AO-51, ISS, SO-67, ARISSsat, and a few others but they only do data or SSB which I don't have the capability as of yet (SSB that is).

Jason ;)

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jAYSON , i JUST GOT AN ft-736R to play with now and that gives me SSB. Now all I got to do is figure out all the buttons.

Maybe when it cools some I might get out to gold basin to play in the dirt and might bring my radios with me.

hope to see ya out there.

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