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A type of spar?

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that calcite dose look a bit like mine but what i found is all geometrical some are triangle wile others are sqare, pentagon and octagon and have corisponding rings of clear brown and black it is found on the surface all weatherd and large vains running several yards with thikneses of 1/8" to 4" wide in riolite the pic is one i polished thanks for the help

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A simple test for calcite is to put a drop of vinegar on the specimen. You may see some fizzling but it will not be a vigorous fizzle. More like a slow one and it could take a few seconds to develop since it's a weak acid.. Should you have some hydrochloric acid, it will fizzle vigorously. If it doesn't fizzle it all, it's probably some type of quartz.

My guess would have been banded agate of some type but the shapes make no sense at all. :twocents:


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