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Help me identify these fragments

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I found these in a 150 foot area in central western New Mexico in the mountains. I brought one of the larger pieces to a lapidary shop and they tried cutting it with their meteorite blade, but they were unsuccessful. Where the blade bit into it it appeared to be solid bright metal.

Am I messing around with something man-made or could this be a meteorite? I sent a picture along to a university and the person there said that iron meteorites don't break apart like that.


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I'm thinking Shrapnel from a bomb or Artillery here.

Can you give more specific area?

We have a pile of areas that have been used for that stuff here.

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They look like artifacts to me.

File a window in one.

Irons are tough to tell from artifacts. They just dont look like iron meteorites to me though. The shape is wrong and I dont see any fusion crust at all. Just rust.

Who knows? Just my two cents.

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