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The little coil that could

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Well I was up at the cabin for 3 days doing little odd jobs like putting stairs down to the creek and up to the out house, last few pieces of corner trim, putting up bird feeders etc. The second morning was an early rise time 6am and it was nice and cool with a little breeze. Thought it would be a good time to go down the gulch and do a little detecting before it got hot.

Picked out this out crop of limestone bedrock and decieded to scrape the dirt off and see what lays on top.

This outcrop is directly below what is left of an old time wooden sluice, it is in the bushes above the large rock to the right, can still make out the outine of what is left. There were few hot rocks and a number of square nails. I prety much scraped most of the dirt off and detected the divots and cracks.

I was using the GB2 and 6" coil. The hour and half scrape and detect netted me 13 little pieces. , The size of the bitty pieces range from a whopping going clockwise .184 gram, .168, .144, .130, .104, .064, .062, .048, .038, .038, .018, .016, .016 grams. The latter is I believe the smallest to date that I have found with a detector. Yes they are small and it was my 1st time dow the gulch this year, Think I will be cleaning off all that rock to see what else is around and mayby even pan some of the finer stuff.


Allen in MT




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