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Here's an idea everyone can use. Had this sewed on to my prospecting hat so I never forgot it.

Has worked out great! Have you better half sew the tube out of scrap so it's just big enough

for the twizzers to slip in when you hold them closed and make a velcro flap to close it.

Do I need to tell you how usefull this can be?





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Great idea!! :thumbsupanim

You never know when you'll need to puck a cactus needle, splinter out of somewhere on your body, and you can EVEN get that small little picker out of a crack, and if you're like me eventually you'll have to a leak!!! :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL:


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Frank I feel your pain. When I lived in San Diego, many moons ago, my buds and I would go adventuring in the fields and gullies across the street from my house. on one of our trips we came across a good sized stand of Cholla. I guess I got just a little too close and true to their other name, jumping cactus, one of those balls jump right out and into my right temple. I reckon y'all can imagine how much that hurt to extract.

Up here on the north Oregon coast I don't have to worry about cactus but the webbing you get between the toes makes it hard to find a good fitting shoes. ;)


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Bill... that made me start coughing like I'd been kicked square. Thanks. I owe ya one. I'll tell ya all about my vasectomy this weekend... the one without any pain injections and a few slips of the crochet hook!!!

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