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Stolen gold


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I know this might go in another forum but if they can do it here who's next, us? This is a unbelieivable story that our Gov would take these coins. This family found 10 1933 'double eagle' gold coins in his bank deposit box. Not to say the fact our Gov was able to make us turn over our gold. Joan Langbord and her sons went to the U.S. Treasury to authenticate the coins, but the government instead seized them. Which has to be about the stupidest thing they could do. Anyways here's the story.


I haven't found a update story but they lost in court, which I think it's time for this Judge to retire. I heard they will take this to a higher court.

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The court battle they lost was to determine whether the government was right in ceasing the coins. The next thing to decide is who the coins legally belong to. The government assertains that the coins were never released for public dispersal, so technically they were stolen. Our government is, has been, and always will be crooked.

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JUDGE RULED THE COINS STOLEN AND RETURNED TO THE GOVERNMENT AT THE MINT :*&$*(: :WOW::nono::nono::nono: John. bummer is they were right as ol'fart was prosecuted prior quite a few times for stolen property and these were absolutely stolen out of the mint,still stupidity reigns supreme by show and tell-cash--quiet-and prosper :zip-lip: John

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