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WOW, please step back in time maybe 30 years or more to visit the Nugget detector when it was new. Now, the Nugget may be a VLF but not in the conventional sense. As far as I know, all A.H. Pro detectors are not VLF/TR designs but are of Off Resonant design. The characteristic tell tale is the small quite flat search coil.

Although I have never seen a Nugget model, I do have a few of the other A.H. Pro designs including one of the last models their Phantom. Other models I have are the Pro, the backpacker and the backpacker 2 auto. None of these detectors work well for nugget hunting by today's standards.

If you want to know a little more about the A.H. Pro line, you can visit the following website.


The A.H. Pro company basically quit making detectors for the general public maybe in the early 80's. Allen Hametta (A.H.) designed several industrial devices along with detectors. So, as best as I can tell, he went back to making items for the industrial environment.

His last metal detector designs the Quintron and Phantom were ground balancing off resonance never caught on since they came out about the same time as the early VLF motion detectors and were no where near competitive.


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Hey mmalaguitarra,

Is that your A.H. nugget detector on ebay? It looks just like a backpacker except blue. It does have a second switch though that I don't know anything about. The manual indicated a small probe, so maybe it was for that. Did the nugget you were looking at have a small probe?

I am guessing this detector would normally sell for less than $100 to someone who likes A.H. models. However, some strange things have been happening to any detector having something to do with gold, so it will be interesting to see how this one goes. I guess it is possible it may sell for a higher amount, but not to me and I collect different models.


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Collectable antique. We took one in on trade and were extremely disappointed but gotta try'm'all to know right?? Saw a light green one at a swap meet in the junk pile--is the bakpaker green???John

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