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Off to hunt a different rock!

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After more continual reaserch, I've decided to go hunt for fragments of the only other known witnessed fall in Mi. July, 10, 1899. Just N. of Allegan village, recovered at the time, a 60+lb., H-5, chondrite, no other frament have been located, calculated probable flight path was north to south, a couple miles N. of Allegan, beneath my probable flight path lays 2 square miles of MDNR state game area, about 2 hr. drive from where I live. So I and a friend, who's been beggin me to take him, are gonna go out there and spend the 23rd. and the 24th, in the heat, sweepin 2 coils,, wish us luck!

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Hi Frank--

I don't know the area where you are hunting but I would try and locate old rock piles on farms and go through those instead of walking around swinging a detector in a field somewhere. That's only if you have any farms in that vicinity and can get permission to go through them... :twocents:

Good luck..


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...and any schools, old cabins, junk piles, etc.etc. People have a habit of finding meteorites and then just laying them by the door.

There is a very large meteorite in the classification process here that was found next to the door of an old schoolhouse. It had been laying there for more than 50 years. The kids must have brought it up. No one even considered it to be valuable. Another 300 lb iron was bulldozed into an arroyo in 1940 after sitting on the porch of an establishment for 45+ years. I have personally found 3 large specimens beside a cabin that had been gathered by the owners and deposited in the yard.

Folks pick them up and don't know what they are or what to do with them.

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