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Since I have started knapping I have been collecting a lot of old glass bottles (they have thicker bottoms and are great practice with the billets).

I have found a truckload of old bottles in the various dumps on the Santa Fe trail in the last few weeks. I have been knapping the broken ones but there are many that I know are rare and probably valuable bottles. In an attempt to identify and learn about these artifacts I came across this website. I thought it was a pretty good beginner's resource.


One site in particular must have been an old filling station on route 66. There is everything from old cork type whiskey bottles, every type of old soda pop bottle, old telegraph insulators and a mountain of old oil cans. I found a half gallon "Aunt Jemimimah" syrup bottle as well as some of the old steel "Log Cabins".

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Good site bobby

It seems to me that it was one of your posts that got me to Google "pontil" in that thread about Bill's bottle. You obviously have some bottle experience. Is that by collecting/hunting for them or creating them?

I figure this bottle is from about WWII. When route 66 was the main drag through this country. The rest of the junk in these old piles look to be that era or later. Whaddya think?

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Its been over 20 years since I messed with them. I liked to collect them back in New England area. At that time I had a stained glass studio and a girlfriend that was an antique dealer. We used to travel and search shows etc.

Only link I have left is this.... http://www.myinsulators.com/glass-factories/bottlemarks.html

It may help you.

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I found an old dump a few years back that had a small fortune in AVON bottles of various kinds. I remember years back my mother collecting many fancy formed bottles from AVON. I dug up dozens of these from a 1950's-1960's trash area and sold them for what I thought was a lot of money...$5-$10 each. Come to find out that three of these bottles (shaped like a clock) was worth over $1200 each! Then there were the tall skinny blue ones worth $100 each.

I found another clock last year. I am holding on to it. And in these dumps I expect to find a couple of these AVON bottles as well. They were pretty common at one time and now they are as rare as hens teeth and very collectable. I am sure that there are some other treasures that I dont recognize but the AVON bottles are not going to fool me again.

I found a big lavender milk glass ash tray 1.5 inches thick and as big as a dinner plate. I have made one nice arrowhead out of it and can probably get another 2-3 more. I know it is crazy but the glass for breaking is more important to me than the glass for collecting!

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Here are a few I just uncovered from an old early gold rush cabin site on private land. One is a Wm Daly whiskey bottle from New York, the other is a hand blown wine bottle. Both are from approx 1860. Many bottles like these from the motherlode gold rush period were re-used if possible. They were taken back to San Fransisco to be refilled with BEER! Recycling at its best


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