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To make a long story short

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This was many years ago, a guy buries some silver, then starts to build a house, then suffers a stroke and never finishes the house. Fast forward-- the wife remembers something about her husband burring some silver, but dosen't know where or how much only that he went out the back door.

Well I was called to see if I could assist with my detector. Was about ready to give up but went to check around and under the corner of the house he started but never finished building, it had been so long that the foil backed insulation had deteriorated in pieces and fell to the ground, I was getting alot of hits from the foil but one stood out so I used a rake to reach under to rake some dirt out and I hooked a piece of orange twine wrapped around some plastic and drug it out and found that a pvc pipe was in the black plastic. IO had found his stash. In the pvc pipe was a 176 new shiney 1 oz silver prospector rounds. He had paid about $22.00 each at the time and when I found them silver had fallen to about $8.00. He offered me a finders fee but I refused as the smile on their faces was reward enough.

Allen in MT





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