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Had ol Nellybelle in auto pilot for a gold hunt an she stopped at this weird location that turned out to be a small nugget patch. First piece in the scoop hit the scale at 1.1 gram, total for the 4 pieces was 2.5 grams. Nice pit stop Nelly. We'll have to do that again some time. And soon I hope.




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Frank ole Nelly took good care of you today....good looking gold...how about some braggin...how

deep....good sound or just a peep....is that a 16" or 18" NF coil? It sure did a good job of

finding those little pieces....

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Hey Don, its the 16", the 1st one was about 2 inches the other 3 were deeper in a small wash 4-6 inches on them. Excellent response especially with these old deaf ears. That 16" SL is a damm Sweetheart on the tiny stuff fer sure. And don't forget the ol 3500 analog ain't no slouch behind the 16".

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Just like a good horse...give Nelly Belle her head sometimes and she'll do you no wrong. Thanks for the pictures!


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