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LSD Arrastre


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In 55+ years a gold grubbn' I've only seen 1 that was even close to that condition. If me I'd keep location to myself as goldnutz,vandals and kids will tear it to pieces trying to find lost gold in the floor and works. thanx MUCH for the great pics :whoope: John

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I have been there Blake, but darned if I remember where it was....

Funny thing is, The girls and I found this about 6 years ago while we were out exploring. I never ran across it again eventhough I have put a couple 1000 miles in out there testing UTV's. I did mark in on Google earth where I thought it should have been a couple of years ago. When I got home last weekend, and check my Google earth placemarks. It was right where I though it was I just never went back to verify it.

Not many structures left in the Little San Domingo area. Thanks to BLM tearing everything down. I like how they get to decide what is "Historic".


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I've been there a few times...Beeped the wash below it but there was so much trash I gave up ... I did beep up a 1970's penny in the tailing pile ... But the area does look like there ought to be some gold there somewhere ... There's another arastra not too far away from that one ... Maybe a mile or so ... Found it on a frigid winter afternoon, but it was too cold to spend much time exploring ... Well under 70 degrees which is my beeping threshold ... :inocent: Cheers, Unc

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Have you seen the arastra near the quartz hill? Frank and I came across one next to this big hill of solid quartz earlier this year. Lots of old trash in the wash just below it and a huge tailings pile around it all.

It was up past the rube goldberg mill and through a gate or two, but not past the private land with the crosses put up. Great directions, no? :)

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Here is some more stuff from the Havasu area.

The round tank seems to more of a pool for washing? It has a drain. There is a water holding tank in the area, and what looks like a water pump/pipe coming out of the ground.

The other pics are a ramp to drive on, and what may be the foundation for a stamp mill?

Patrick .....






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That does look like a stock tank to me. I've not seen an arastra (Sp?) with a totally flat bottom. They've always had the raised pivot point in the middle.

The ramp and piles beyond certainly would lead to me to think of some machinery crushing ore for sure

Very cool nonetheless.

have you looked through that apparent crushed rock on the down stream side of the ramp? Gold fell out of those things on a regular basis. :)

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Man I love coming accross stuff like that.

I alway spend to much time rooting around looking for junk.

I like to sit back on a hill over looking the site and sauce out what was going on were.

Yes, looks like a Sucker Rod for a Long Gone WInd Mill.

Wonder if there is still any water down there?

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