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IT's Finished at last


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After a year of on again and off again delays due to health, time, money, other projects

my trommel is ready to hit the gold fields ( anyone want to point out a good one ? ). I

did'ent think so. My test runs have shown a angle of 3 deg.s and speed of 18 RPM.s is

a good starting point but is subject to change as needed depending on the make up of the

material being ran from local to local.

I'am starting with a 1/4" dia. screen and am going to have a 1/2" one made later. It's

made so i can change screens out as needed in the field.

The engine is from a one made posthole digger I had and no longer use, and at a drum speed

of 18 rpms it will run just over 1 1/2 hours on it's 1qt.(?) tank.post-24938-0-78044500-1310517900_thumb.j

I made the drum out of 11" sewer pipe and put 17 coils for a reverse helix on 2" centers

gluded and screwed to keep them there.post-24938-0-33753500-1310519242_thumb.jpost-24938-0-47742100-1310518532_thumb.j

Every thing is mounted on a "deer hauler cart" from Cabelas, that is rated for 500lb.s and

is working out very well. A 4HP Honda with a 250 gpm pump supplys the needed water to

the 1" shower pipes in the drum and at the hopper through 1/4" holes that will be enlarged

as needed when I get to really run some dirt through it.

The drive is supplyed by #50 chain via helix gears. post-24938-0-84731900-1310519880_thumb.j

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Don't know if i'll beat the weather in time to try it out this year or not. If I can't get

in the field befor the last of August I'll have to wait untill next spring. I just can't

get excited about driving across three states in this kind of heat in a Jeep with no A/C!

Plus the over priced gas it will take to get the 1400 mi.s to Wyoming. But there's always


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