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Iron Sulfides...mining

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I have an idea on how to do it but you wouldn't want to rely on that.

I think Reno Chris would surely know how to do it but haven't seem him here for awhile. Might want to contact him.

Just out of curiosity, how much ore are you talking about?


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Each ore is different and there are a lot of processes to treat ores. I dont know which processes are best for which ores, but I have dealt with marketing a few piles of ore of different types and this is what I have learned...

The only way that an individual can deal with anything other than a free milling ore would be to crush it and concentrate it, take out the magnetics and find a market for the reduced product. There is absolutely zero market for complex ore unless you have many tons ready to ship and an operation that can guarantee many tons more. If it is very rich in non ferrous metals and you have enough reduced concentrate to fill a 5 gallon bucket then it may be worth setting up an electrolytic process or finding someone who has this going. And of course you can fire that concentrate in most cases and recover most of the gold. But in all cases the first step is crushing and reduction.

The sulphide ores that I am familiar with where gold is in combination with copper and iron sulphides is reduced by gravity and then fire. I have also seen it processed by gravity concentration, leaching in a thio urea leach and then plated to electrodes. I have also learned that if I try to take the process farther than the mechanical crushing and gravity reduction of the ore that the fun and profit stops immediately.

Did that help?

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Hi Steve; The ore that i have is coming from a claim near my place....i have been mining it for about a year now....i have concentrated my pulverized material and in the past amalgamated it, but i don't really like that process....i am finding that the iron is carrying gold , so i have not been throwing the magnetics away, not sure about leaching never tried that.....Goldpacker

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BedrockBob; Thanks for the reply.....I have mainly iron sulfides , but i am getting some free gold, There is a large shaft on this mine area, i am working one of the quartz stringer's off of the main shaft....there was mariposite with copper on the western side, but on the eastern side where i am at there is no sign of copper....i have smelted and have a 90% gold fineness....I'm beggining to believe by what i am hearing here is maybe i might better study leaching......thanks again Goldpacker

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Hello Goldpacker

There is reasons some of the gold was

left in old mines.

Iron sulfide ores require roasting to

drive off the sulfides. Leaching iron

sulfide ore is pretty tough to do,it

doesn't do well with cyanide either.

Most iron sulfide ores require a froth

flotation process too. Direct smelting

is not really an option either.

Iron sulfide will react badly with

HCL acid too. It will produce hydrogen

sulfide gas,and is very toxic.

Unless your ore is really rich,it wouldn't

pay the processing cost.

There is several types of iron sulfide

ores. A photo of your ore could change

things ,because some types can be leached

at a profit. How much pyrite does your ore

contain? Is it black or brown sulfides?

I am currently leaching ores with lots

of iron in the forms of magnetite and

hematite. They are a piece of cake to

work with. But some types of iron sulfide

ores can be downright deadly to tinker with.

You do know that powdered iron sulfide can

self ignite?

My best advice is,if you have a lot of this

ore ,get reliable assays,and consult a mining

engineer,or an ore refining company.

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