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Twin Silver at the Middle School

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I could not drive the 54-miles out to Jones Beach today, and my Sand Shark was thrashing in the corner, just hungry as could be! I finally threw in the towel at 930am, and drove 10-minutes to the Middle School here in town, which was built in the early 1900s. I strapped on my Lesche and Knee pad, and turned the Shark loose! Ten-minutes and three targets later, I hit the Buffalo nickel at about 10" deep. The date is completely worn off, but I was stoked. It is Hot, humid and hazy today, and an hour-and-a-half after starting, I had dug about 35- targets including three- Wheats, three- Zincs, a Canadian coin (I think), and a 1969 nickel. I was pooped!

I had decided to call it a morning just as I got a slight beep. It was just enough to make me swing over that spot again and rub it with the toe of my tennis shoe. Hmm.. Yes it was a hit, but honestly I almost didn't dig it. I was tired and hot, there was ice water in the car and this sounded a lot like a piece of wire. Ahh heck! I knelt down and put the Lesche in the ground and cut another plug. Well, I popped the plug up and immediately saw what I thought was the band of a silver ring! My heart jumped into my throat! I took off my gloves and started to pull the "ring" out of the dirt-clod. It was two silver 1964 dimes stuck together! How cool is that?! While I'm still swinging for my first ring, and really prefer the beach, I have to say today was pretty cool.



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Thanks so much Bob and John! I really was quite pleasently surprised! A lot of the metal detector guys and gals on the other forums I haunt all use discrimination, very few dig it all like gold prospectors. We are quite used to digging up bullets at 12" and car doors at 30" LOL! I don't think I would use the PI just anywhere, but I'm going to use it in some historic and old places around town for goofs when I can't get to the beach. The history here in White Plains and the Hudson Valley, pre-dates the American Revolution by 120-years! - Terry

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Way to go Terry! You'll get that ring some day.


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