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Hey everyone, I have a couple rock specimens I'll just call "suspect cold finds". They look like weathered stony chondrites. and stick to my earth magnet, but I'd like to test them for Ni,Fe, but nobody will sell me some dimethylglyozime. I beleive I made a mistake by giving $47. to an outfit called "Meteorites Plus" for a meteorite Ni test kit. The only 2 things in the kit of any value, as far as I can tell, are (1) a bag containing 4 small fragments of "genuine stony chondrites", total wt. 2.5gm for the purpose of "practice testing", and (2) two plastic bottles labeled "A" & "B", "B" is empty, but "A" has a very small amount of powder in it, allegedly dimethylglyozime. I say "allededly" because the instructions tell me to mix into bottle "A" some hydrochloric and distilled water? And then(oh,and this really gets weird) shake the bottle till the powder is disolved, and then let it sit for 24hrs. before using it. This does'nt make any sence at all! I am somewhat educated in the fields of chemistry, geochemistry, and minerology, I know for a fact to create a 1% solution dimethylglyozime for Ni testing,you mix your powder w/91%-99% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, in proper measured proportions of course,stir until powder is dissolved, and is immediately ready for use. Any unused solution will last indefinitely on your shelf(so long as you keep your container sealed,naturally). Why is dimethylglyozime restricted by "OSHA", Ammonia and isopropyl alcohol are much more toxic and poisonous than dimethylglyozime, and thier not "restricted".It all makes me a little bitter! I really don't have much use for big corporations, big government bureaucracies, and over all, city people in general!(but thats just me), anyways, anybody know how I can get my hands on a 10-25gm. bottle of new, sealed, and labeled dimethylglyozime? Anybody? Maybe? Please help! Most Sincerely, Frank in Mich.

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I really don't have much use for big corporations, big government agencies, and over all, city people in general!(but thats just me), .....

That's not just you Frank. I don't know a thing about dimethylglyozime, but my guess is there's a few here of the same mind regarding "government agencies and city people", me included.


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Thanx a bunch Mark, I got a Grainger supply shop a couple miles from here, if they don't stock it, they can order it for me, thanx again bro!

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