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Not a California nugget

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Hmmmmmm not the first big nugget to have issues of fraud stemming from Quartzsite, AZ... Remember Terry Bone's 27 ounce Willow Creek nugget and how it vanished then resurfaced with Terry supposedly never seeing a dime after selling it? Then all the threats etc. that followed before T Bone died unexpectedly after being hit by a train in the NV desert in the same area he originally found that beauty.

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HEY BILL, that sounds like a good story, maybe write a novel about it.

Really happened.... Met T Bone in the early 90s then poof he was gone. Showed me a couple patches near Cherry Creek when I was still quite green and was a good teacher as well. Wish I would have had time to know him better.... :aw-shucks:

There are a few here that knew Terry as well....

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Gosh... Terry Bone... I wrote an article honoring Terry. Arizona Al furnished the photo. It was published in Lost Treasure. When?, I do not remember. Smokey introduced Terry to me and we hit it off. Made several trips together. We were to meet at the Truck Stop near Mill City that fall, but Terry met a train at Pronto Crossing just south of Blue mountain (where it is said he found the nugget).

While we hunted together, I never asked and he never saidwhere he found it... One thing I well remember... T-Bone once said to me, "Happyness is a set of new tires." And he liked the salad bar at the truck stop and we ate with Frugal Floyd who was at this time using a Minelab SD 2000. Terry was using a White's Goldmaster-2. He was using a set of head phones he has got from Jim McCulloch and was concerned that he had not yet paid Jim for them.

Montana Bob Dansie read the LT article and knew I moved the gulch we were detecting just over from the Cottonwood Tree near the Keystone Mine to another area. As I remember Terry was staying at the Star Point Trading Post campground just across the Freeway on highway 400. Great memories.

yep... I'm sure that T-Bone and his adventures will be a subject of conversation over the campfires for years to come. And I'm sure there will be more said about Rett "T" Bone in this thread... Let em' roll.... The legend of T-Bone... js

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Reminds me of ol'Potata Head Joe-showed me a MONSTER 3+ pounder he found below me on another property on Clear Creek back in 95 and he(and his righteous stash) disappeared a few days later-trailer and dog there but no Joe or gold EVER????? John

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Made several trips together. We were to meet at the Truck Stop near Mill City that fall, but Terry met a train at Pronto Crossing just south of Blue mountain (where it is said he found the nugget).

We lost another one very recently. Anyone here remember Richard Bailey? Found out he passed away a few days ago. R.I.P. What a character...

Richard made some terrific finds near the Blue Mountains back in the early 90's.


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Goldfinger... Gosh, Dick Bailey was an old friend. I first met him when Burns Brothers built the truck stop at Mill City, Nevada. Dick was the tireman and I quote him on pg. 253 (Appendix D) in my book, Vol 3, The Nugget Shooter's Bible.

We continued our friendship over the years and hunted in many places throughout Pershing and Humboldt counties. On pg. 70 in my spiral bound book, ADVANCED/meteorites, as his health was starting to fade, he started taking people out as a guide. I show him in a full color captioned photo that I took while we were at Willow Creek. :olddude:

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Hoser... how true. I have been involved in some form of prospecting for gold within the cordillera most of my life. The top post on this thread as started by Dave Wiseman re: "Not a California Nugget" by Kevin Fagan, a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle "rings my bell."

Kevin is the daughter of Dorris Linsea... Dorris was a classmate of mine in Ely Nevada, White Pine High School, class of 1948. Her dad was Roy Linsea... During WW-2 the copper mines in the Ely area were going full time... Gotta get the copper out! (Pennies were steel with a zinc coating in 1943), old stopes were reopended and many of the miners were now busy mining (block caving) old workings one deemed too dangerous.

Dorris's Dad, Roy was the trusted hoisting engineer... my Dad was one of the underground miners that was hoisted up and down into the deep workings in an old once abandoned stope... It was a "wet" stope... raingear was needed. caution!!... watch out so as not to be slabed or crushed... The inexperinced helper (mucker) made a mistake... the Bar slipped... my Dads foot broken... that ended his underground mining for copper...

After the war.. copper demand down... Roy and my Grand father "Dragline" Miller went back to leasing old mines owned by the copper mines. Dorris looking for a better life moved to Reno and attended the Ubiversity of Nevada, ever expanding her knowledge and creating a good life.

It was 60 years (2008), at our 60th HS class reunion when when I next saw Dorris...The reunion was in Ely... the old copper mine undergound workings now gone... jusr fading memories. The ore trains no longer carrying ore... rusty rails. However it is still alive... Big Time modern mining... open pit... gotta get the copper, molybdenum, gold and silver, as well as othet "space age" values coming... But modern mining needs few "workers." Big machinery has replaced the muckers. The smelter and concentrator in McGill now gone...

Kevin Fagan has written article about the old times. A few years ago he wrote and article (about Dorris) which was published in the "picks and pans" section of the ICMJ. :olddude: js

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Hey, Jim and Hoser and old mining pros.

Do any of you remember "Gypsy" John Bryant, the man in black, from Washington, CA?

I knew him quite well. He hit it big detecting a HUGE NUGGET at King Tut diggins in N. AZ many years back. I saw a picture of it, and it was at least two feet wide! He bought S. Yuba riverfront in Washington, CA and set up a nice spread with the $$$. Last I heard, he went to Washington, and split up with his wife and three girls. Had claims up in Poormans Creek, just for family members to work. In his 70's now.

Anyone remember "Flatnose" Bob, from the Yuba River country? He wandered around, and just camped out year round, and many thought he was just a mining bum. But, he did get some real nice gold! A legend in these parts! Sadly, he died a few years ago. Was camped out near Pike, CA.

Bud just brought over a 1 1/4 oz. PURE nugget he just got! OMG! Already has buyers for $ 3200, as is!

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