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Question on "Clay be gone"


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Hey folks, it's been awhile since my last bout of gold fever but it popped up again. I have a question on "clay be gone" and other such animules.

I have a source of clay/silt that has some micro gold in it. It's the wash water from a Pay to Play mine by the bucket. They wash some of the paystreak to get some of the muck clay out before putting it into 3 gal buckets, this is what I want to test..

I have no idea how much gold is in this but have about a gallon or 2 of mud. In small test amts I want to breakup this mud and wondered if Clay be Gone will allow the gold to settle out first if I use a test tube with some mine mud and the CBG, at least enough to put it under a loop and see if there is anything there.

I have also heard that Sodium Silicate(which I have some)and/or some Calgon might also work.

If I can measure any gold in this silt/clay mixture I might find a way to safely leach it out of a concentrate. no cyanide or other such leach.

Since I can't come out to AZ to play in the 117 deg temp I thought I'd find out what my backyard here in NC has to offer. :thumbsupanim

Thanks Wyndham

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Sodium Silicate will do the job. If in a bind the stuff that you put in a car radiator to fix leaks will work. Add it and swirl it around a bunch. Then run it through a poop chute or some other gleaning device. It makes the really small specks of gold bind together to form bigger chunks. Water companies (municipal) use it to make heavy metals bind and sink during the purification process. It is sometimes called Water Glass.

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I use "Swimmer's Choice - Dirt Down Flocculent". Got it at Lowe's for about $9.00. It contains 1 qt (32 FL oz). Directors say to use 7 oz per 10,000 of water. I think I am good until I'm 110 years old.

I compared it with jet-dry in a quart of dirty water. Put same amount of each in two jars, shook both and took pictures every 5 min. The Swimmer's Choice cleared water the fastest and did not suds up like jet-dry etc.

You might look at using it.


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