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New Gold a little patch

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Hi All

I recently did a week long detecting trip with the Townsville Metal Detecting Club, we had a total of 24 members on the trip.

On the second day I took my mate Greg to a spot where I found a 4 g nugget last year the grass in this particular spot was over 1 metre high last year so I wasn’t able to work it well at all, this year the cattle had done their work & the grass was less than half a metre or better in spots, I showed Greg the exact spot I found the nugget which was at the bottom of a gentle slope ( Greg had only found 1 nugget @ .6 of a gram last year) I suggested to Greg that any where on this slope is worth a real good look, so I left him at it and I started to detect of in a Westerly direction, after about half an hour I heard Greg calling me so I made pretty quick time back to where he was, as I got to where he was he held out his hand & dropped 1 nugget of about 2 g & a specimen with about 1 g in it, into my hand congratulations said he showed me the spot’s they came from.

We worked out a plan to work this area, Greg would work the lower area where he picked up the nuggets I would work the higher sections, it wasn’t long & Greg had another target I said to him before you dig it let me test the signal with my detector so I did & got a better signal than what he got, I was using an SD2200d with a 20” NF mono coil & a Little Ripper wireless battery + booster, speaker combo, Greg uses an Extreme & a 14 x 9 “ NF mono, standard battery with a lucky lark speaker booster (the boost switch is not working).

We worked the spot for the rest of the day, Greg got 5 for the day & I got zip, the higher area on the slope the grass was more of a problem.

The plan for the following day was to go back to this spot & borrowed an 8” mono coil to see if there was anything smaller about, so I started in the area where Greg found the specci & moved up to the area where the first one came from, right next to one of his dig holes I got a signal & pulled out a .7 of a gram my first for the trip “Cool”, there seemed to be a definite line across the top of this little patch so I worked along this line and pulled out 3 more little nuggets 2 @ 1.5 g each, nothing was found above the line I mentioned.

Greg learnt a bit of a lesson when it comes to dig every sound when you are on gold, as he watched me check the area with the 8” mono I got a slight murmur I removed the grass & rechecked this signal now it was a definite dig me signal & out came a .7 of gram, Greg said he got a noise like that the day before and walked away from it as he thought it was ground noise, so he checked one of the area’s & pulled out a 2 g nugget, all up we got 10 nuggets/ Specimens, there will be more there for next time as the grass is still a little thick. We did not detect any more gold for the trip.

I carry a small gold pan in my backpack & did some sampling of gullies, I found good coarse rough gold in 2 out of 3 sampled we went back to the most impressive gully with my small recirculating sluice & got some good coarse gold, I hpe the photo’s work



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Very nice gold Lee! Keep an eye on that spot and go back when the grass is low. I bet you'll find some more there. You said it looks like a line of gold? Try to extend that line to the surrounding areas by digging through the grass and taking some samples. Who knows? Maybe you found a layer that works all around that spot. Good luck! Thanks for the pictures too!


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Like antman said work it to death and grid the "strip" from four different directions....you'll be

surprised what that will produce....and if possible at least fire the "strip" or even better get a

tractor in there to do a push....

Good luck....

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Hi All

Thanks for your reply's when I go back once the grass is gone, I was intending to take a compass bearing off both ends of the line to extend it into the outlying area & put up some temporary markers of surveyors tape fluro stuff to get a visual on the line, this area is at the bottom of a gentle slope 10m from a small gully, the slope goes up for about 300m, on the eastern side of the patch I got a few hot rocks quartz & ironstone I kept them to dolly, these too where on the same line as the nuggets so I guessing that they are from the same reef material as the gold, I have alot more investigation to do at this spot before I can say it's played out, It's all part of the lure for me I guess it's like an addict getting a sniff.



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