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Hello, this is my first post. I stumbled into this forum and figured maybe some of you may be able to help. My cousin who's pretty computer illiterate asked me to see if I could find out any information on what this might be. He works as a forestry technician, and on a hike to his work site he came across this. Any help is much appreciated, this is completely out of my field. His suspicion is that it's a meteorite. He found it in the southern Cascade Mtn area of Washington St.




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Looks like a glob of Hematite.

An easy test is to scratch it on a piece of unglazed white ceramic. A bottom of a coffee cup usually has an unglazed ring.

You scratch the rock on this and see what color the streak is. Let us know!

See http://desertsunburn.no-ip.org for helpful info on how to ID a meteorite!


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