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Its official ....Last LSD Nugget!


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Headed out this morning with a way late start, but I was determined to get some hunt time in before the heat became unbearable :scare: The LSD was deserted as far as I could tell. Only saw one vehicle leaving the area pulling quads around 7 am when I was just getting there :shrug: 30 minutes later I was on the ground, and my first target was this 6 tenths of a gram Keeper! :head: I kept up the good hunt till 11:30 am , and called it quits.....

For today at least, this may be the last LSD Nugget ;) :D


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Thanks guys, funny that I have been in this tributary like 5 times, and just missed it till yesterday.

Frank , Yes thats the 8" commander. Seems to be a nice set up with the o`l 2200...Sold the Joey to help pay for the 8" Havent regreted that move. 1.2 grains is the smallest so far.

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Nice, came out better than myself and spent less calories too. Maybe one day I'll afford myself a nicer detector and try it out with a little more fervor but for the time being I can't stick with detecting for more than an hour and I know that when I'm 10 ft down and the gold bug 2 says it's gold then it is. Were different creatures but at times I envy you detectorists.

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I saw that Gold bug II find a rediculous amount of gold this past winter. I mean 30 plus nugget days.....Seriously! It would be a great feeling getting a signal down on one of those fresh bedrock holes that you guys dig. As you said, its going to be gold... I walk over the gold bug gold all day long, and now im thinking about getting one ;)

I like to hike, and now I just carry a detector with me ... :head:

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