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I have been making some slick knapping tools and making a glass point each evening. I have completely stopped pressure flaking and I am working solely on percussion.

Paleomanjim is coming out this afternoon to New Mexico and is going to show me the ropes with some material he is bringing from California. I am taking him to a spot where the chondrites have been very good to me so we are going to trade a little knowledge! I will be learning at the feet of a great knapping master and he will be able to walk around on New Mexico's newest strewn field before anyone else gets wind of the location.

I will post some photos of my tools and a few new points soon.

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So I found some very valuable treasure in the past few days. Jim showed me a few things about knapping and I appreciate that very much. He brought me some beautiful rock to practice knapping and answered any and all questions. Wow what talent! But the real gold mine was a story he told me. A story that affected me deeply. It is strange how a man may go in search of a certain knowledge and come out with something quite different than he expected. While Jim and I were sitting there smacking rocks I asked him to relate the story of Ishi to me. He smiled and went directly into a story that was one of the greatest stories I have ever heard. I had no idea...

I found a link that paraphrases the story that Jim related to me. I know it will cause a lot of trouble here but I am going to post it anyway. It is the short version of the story of Ishi. For anyone who is interested in reading more about this there are several books on the man. Just Google "Ishi in two worlds" and you will find treasure as well. I ask that anyone who feels offended by the link to just keep quiet and accept the fact that I am not making any political statements here, simply offering some good reading to those who may be interested. It is like sharing the treasure that I have found. I believe it is much more valuable than gold.


Jim, thanks a bunch and it was a hoot! I hope your trip was rewarding for you and that you enjoyed yourself. You are welcome any time and Mi Casa Su Casa amigo!

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Bob, Ishi is a real legend among primitive archers, and although I've read a number of books about him the one I liked best would have to be "Hunting with the bow & arrow" by Saxton Pope.

Ishi was somewhat "discovered" by Saxton Pope and Art Young (aka: Pope and Young Club for archery records), who were doctors in Ishi's era. I have a copy of that book in my collection, and it is definitely one of the most treasured.


Yep, loads of history there. Glad you and Jim had a good visit!


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Found a free online eBook version of the "Hunting with the Bow and Arrow" by Saxton Pope.

Amazing the technology we have today. Thought you might appreciate reading through it.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Hunting with the Bow and Arrow, by Saxton Pope

Another good one is "Witchery of Archery" by Maurice Thompson. He and his brother were huge

archery buffs, and in part they were the fire that got people started using archery equipment

for sport hunting. The complete text of Witchery of Archery is also available on-line for free:

The Witchery of Archery

Both Pope and Thompson are the real deal, and are superb storytellers as well. Enjoy.. :glass:


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Here are a few of the points that I have made so far. The photos are bad because you can see very little detail but it is the best I can do with my new camera.

This is one that I made my son before his vacation and the tool of torture that I made it with. I made it waiting for him to drive in the driveway last Friday evening. Notice the blister on my left index finger?

These are a few that I have made in the past couple of weeks. I have given the better ones away but I am pretty STOKED on my little portfolio. There are some really nice ones and somre really crude ones, but they all are useable.

And I have broken about ten pounds of rock into pretty little flakes like this. Notice the blister dosen't seem to be getting much better this week does it?

And we cant forget the pile of tools that were made to knap. Although most of the points have been made with a rock and a deer antler I have managed to craft some nifty pressure flakers, notchers and billets.

I like that slim tool in the center. I have a little billet on one end and a flaker on the other. It is all you need to turn a bottle bottom into an arrowhead in a hurry. I made my son a shortened version out of a deer antler just below it, and a horseshoe nail notcher to match.

On my right hand I have a glove with two boot soles inside, and the foam insole next to my palm. I still managed to drive that notcher into my palm. And the wreckage of a pair of boots with the other foam insole sewn underneath is a leg pad.

Yes, that is thick, crusted blood on the cuff of the glove.

Anyhoo, there is the knapping report. I am headed to some ancient flint quarries this weekend to see if I can get some good knapping materials from a local source.

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I think it's amazing how quickly you have turned your new hobby into an art form.

Those are some beautiful specimens.

Keep the pics coming, but leave out the "blood and gore"..... :yuk-yuk:


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