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Is it possible to judge depth of target with the GMT?

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ABSOLUTLY, after you get to know the detector you will be able to judge or guess how deep the target should be.

I have dug meteorites at 1 foot and better with mine. At the first swing/indication of a signal you know its deep.

All my finds have been with the stock coil. I used a larger one for awhile but didn't like it and went back to the stock ellipticle.

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Yes, you can get a rough idea when you're used to using the detector. The sound tells you more than any meter or graph could. Not that it really matters. If a meter said the target was deeper than a foot, would you then, not dig it? Hunting meteorites with a detector is just like hunting nuggets with a detector - there are a certain range of targets where you dig everything. If not, you're missing finds. One of my nicest Franconia finds sounded EXACTLY like yet another steel .50 caliber bullet, but I dug it anyway. At about ELEVEN inches down, I came up with an iron (Sacramento 005) that was more than 5 grams, a considerable find. A lot of hunters won't dig anything that sounds like another fifty cal, and they don't think meteorites can be deeper than 6 inches. I'm very thankful to them for all they leave behind.


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Thanks for the replies so far, but I just think they should have added a meter that showed the depth as on cheaper metal detectors. It helps because then you roughly know what is beeping, the shallow rock or a slightly deeper one or one at a foot deep, it's convenient that's all.

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Understand this, those displays that say depth are NOT reliable or exact. They are just another gimmic to aid sales.

Your "depth meter" will be your brain judging from the sound of the target after some hours of experience, NOW GO GET OUT THERE AN SWING !!!!

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