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12V. Wood Puffers

frank c

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Aloha Frank,

Well I see that you have been catching up on some work eh! BTW, I like that trailer you have in the background. Nice job.

Aloha and see you soon out in the field.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hey Frank,

Those drywashers sure do look perty :brows: Congrats on a good job... They look awesome.


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Hey Frank!

That trailer is looking pretty sweet!


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  • 2 weeks later...

You guys didn't see the "Conestoga" ribs that fit on it when its time to set up camp !!!!

Where are the side mounted water barrels?:thumbsupanim


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Those look great Frank..americanasmiley.gif

I am really looking forward to the time when I can afford to spend a couple weeks down in

Arizona and Nevada chasing nuggets and having a chance to buy (and use) one of your dry

washers. No place for that up here in the cold and damp, but it sure looks like a fun way to

spend a day.


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