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A dear friend and neighbor passed yesterday. Not many may know him but may have heard of him. He was a gold buyer/seller of great moral character and success. In my part of the Motherlode, he has probably bought gold from most that wanted or needed to sell.

He was a very successful businessman that owned a really big helicopter service company, His A-star fleet serviced many offshore ships that needed critical parts flown to them from the mainland. Or when some very critical long line sling load work needed to be done with a skill that few had.......... When he sold his fleet, he got into the gold business.

He will be missed by many. He loved to read, listen to classical music and surround himself with some of the most exotic gold specimens that one can imagine. I remember many times when he acquired a real special treasure and would share it with me with the same excitement a you see when a kid get their first bike.....

Here are but a few of his favorites

This is the largest old nugget/specimen found from the SS Central America wreck


One of his more interesting crystal gold species


A few more from that batch


RIP my friend.....

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:twocents: Van was a good decent man who lived a good life. Just not aware even that he was sick, but haven't seen or talked in about 3 years or so. Bummer as a reliable buyer and RIP VAN!!!- nuttn' but respect--John :olddude:

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I never met Van, but seeing the responses posted here it is obvious he was one-of-a-kind. So I spent a few minutes and jotted down this little poem in remembrance of his life and the impact he made on so many people. Godspeed, Van!!

Gone Prospectin'

I've spent my life searching, far and wide, for the elusive yellow metal gold,

I did it when I was bored, I did it when I was tired, I did it when I was both young and old.

I've looked in the streams, and rivers, and creeks, with a wide-open careful eye,

I've climbed over mountains, walked through the fields, and been in mines where real men before me have died.

I've met many people, some good and some bad, but I wouldn't change a single thing,

Had days when I was happy, days when I was sad, and days where all I could do was sing.

I didn't get rich, but I was in fact wealthy, with memories of good times and friends,

and though I am gone, please don't mourn for me, because in Heaven the River of Gold never ends!!!

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