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Thanks for the warning Bill. :yuk-yuk:

May the good lord be with each and everyone that could be affected by the event that will soon unfold. You have given me enough time to stock up with beer, and other less serious provisions. :cigar: The doors & windows are now barricaded, and the beers are iced down. :grin:

Good luck and Godspeed ;)

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I suppose since we made it through Armageddon a week or so ago that we can get through this.

I figure God came and took his chosen ones and that did not amount to a hill of beans. Maybe a half dozen people or so. It looks like it is business as usual for the rest of us.

Rapture can be a bitch when you are playing third string on God's team huh? Gabriel blew his horn and that was like "On your marks..." when he plays the sax it will be like "Get Ready...". I figure when he takes the likes of me he will be playing a kazoo and wearing a rubber surgical glove as a hat.

Threats of doomsday. Flood. Fire. Famine. Volcanic freaking eruptions. Changing weather patterns. Drouth and pestilence. I think updated security settings would be appropriate in today's dangerous world. Thank you for providing a safe and current platform on which to post. You are a rock Bill.

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