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You didnt tell us how much, or what you sold them for.... :???:

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Wow! Those are beauties!!


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awsome nuggets garimpo ,did you get them with a new minelab and of course half the battle is knowledge of the areas your hunting.

i spent 3days dry washing for 3.5 grammes of gold which wasnt great for the amount of earth i moved again congrats on the great find.

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Actually got them with my GP3000....had to sell it for my grand-sons health issues...now using a GP4000 and while in the USA just bought a

GP3500 for back-up....sold both at $1500.00 per oz....

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Thanks for asking Patrick....he's eight years old and has lost all his hearing in his left ear...from

a infection when he was a little guy...the Doc here told his parents then that ear infections are normal

even with puss running out and not to worry...

Last year another Doc said all he needed was a hearing aid...5000 bucks and a year later I find out from

the Doc's in OKC that no medicine and surgery will do any good...his left hearing is history....he's a

great kid and I'm doing all I can to help him....

At least now when I start him out detecting he'll only need a half head set...actually he's already

started....post-300-0-25956200-1307475345_thumb.jpghe's got the resting down pretty good....

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Heck yeah, I can see he's tired out. That backpack he is carrying is probably full of YOUR BEER !!

Our thoughts are with him and all the family.

I'm sure you will teach him all the things a boy needs to know about being a man.

Patrick, Wendy, and Dog.....

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Sorry to hear about your grandson Don, as I can certainly relate to being near deaf..it


Many kids (and adults) get ear infections because they get a little itch, and then grab

something to reach in there and scratch it with. Most time we get away with this, but on

occasion we scratch too hard, and then add in that an ear canal is a warm, moist place and

infection just blossoms. Kids need to be taught that they should never put anything in their

ear smaller than their elbow... :inocent:

Let him use a full head-set, as believe it or not the sound waves hitting the mastoid bone

on the deaf side will actually travel via vibration through to the functioning ear. It ain't

"stereo", but when you are straining for every "peep" of sound this adds a % or 2, and can

make a difference.


As he gets older he might also be a candidate for a "Baja" style hearing aid. There are also

some newer technologies that use the bone-conduction process without the obviousness of the

Baja system.


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Hey Pat did they lying dog tell you I had beer in that back pack??? Hard to fool those canines...

Mike your absolutely right about the hearing solutions....in OKC I took him to the Hough clinic...

their famous world wide and they do what you said with modern implants that can't even be seen....

that's an option if things get worse which they think won't happen any time soon....

Thanks for asking folks....

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