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Franconia Hunt 6-2-2011

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Hi all

Today's hunt started just after sun-up for myself. Richard Garcia was about 2 hours behind me making tracks on I-40.

Both of us scored today and my finds are posted under recent finds on my website http://desertsunburn.no-ip.org

The morning was beautiful and then it started getting hot about 10am. I was in on of my favorite areas when I got a call from Richard asking where I was. I started walking toward him and he toward me. We met in an area neither of us hunted before and figured we would give it a shot.

My finds:

1 - 21.7g OC Sub Surface 2" Found as I was swinging my way to my spot.

2 - 8.1g OC on surface found by eyeballs.

3 - 0.3g Iron subsurface 3"

4 - 36.0g OC on surface found by eyeballs.

Dug 3 50cals, some foil and that never ending wire!

About 3pm both of us were pretty spent and headed back to the truck. It was obviously hotter than the weather man predicted. 2.5 liters of water consumed and one 500ml vitamin water. Still not enough water for the temp and the work. Gotta figure 4 or 5 liters when out there to stay properly hydrated. Where I am going to put all that is beyond me at this time.

Anyways...good hunt.


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