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Need info on lava rock i found

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hi all,

im new to the forum, i have a question hoping someone here could help me.. 3 years ago i was on a trip to Guatemala and was traveling to volcano Pacai, i found there a small lava rock that was different from evrything else there.

i realy like it and was hoping to know what are the colors on the rock and how they are formed there, they only appear on one side of the rock, aldo i could find only one like that over there..

here are few pics, i have more on the on the link below,





album is here : http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm92/Nemesysstudio/Pacai/

Thank you all

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That is pretty cool Cosmosis! Probably came out of one of Pacaya's epithermal vein systems. Have you tested it with a needle to see if the yellow is soft, or flakes? Looks REAL interesting! There are known gold deposits southwest of Guatamala City. Never Know I guess! Looking forward to hearing what other, more knowledgeable members have to say! :thumbsupanim

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Hi Terry & Johnno,

thanks for the replay's, yea it does look similar to few pics on the web, mine is allot more colorful but it could be it ;) , Terry i didn't try to test it in any way but the minerals are very tough and firm sitting on it.

anyone esle might know something about it? for the past 3 years this rock really makes me thinking going back there to find some more. great forum by the way, i realy enjoy reading everybodys travel and finding stories.

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Looks different than anything I've seen. Olivine crystals in rock can weather turning a whitish color. Some minerals containing olivine can weather into a blackish color, some diamond ores containing olivine can weather into a blackish color also.

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