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I just bought a new Sierra GOLD MAX for my GMT. It came without any Op. instructions so it must be a hook it up and learn by doing type of thing.

I am wondering if there is anything I should do differently with this coil, other than hopefully dig a lot more targets.

Thank you, Ed

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Aloha Ed,

Check your PM's for a bunch of hints on this coil. I am on my third one so far.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Thank you Stan & Whylee, I hope to try it soon but thought why not tap into the knowledge of the forum users first.

Stan, if you are on your third golbmax coil you must really work them hard. WOW

Looking back at previous posts is interesting. Some of the names like basaltgooroo erik,astroblem, azdigger,& mobilehomes were very active and stopped posting.


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