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mountains north of Wynndel

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Last weekend's meteor over Cranbrook would have fallen north of Wynndel, experts have calculated.

A Finnish astronomer, Esko Lyytinen, analyzed footage from meteor cameras in Cranbrook, Saskatchewan, Penticton and Calgary to determine the possible location of meteorites from the fireball.

"He went frame by frame through the video and he enhanced the stars so he could know the position," explained Rick Nowell, physics lab technician at the College of the Rockies.

According to Lyytinen, the meteor entered the atmosphere at a height of 79 kilometres. Initially weighing 20 kilograms, the meteor broke apart at least twice before dissolving into a trail of gravel.

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Very difficult to find meteorites on mountains. It's desert areas both for the contrast and the flat land that makes meteorite hunting easier. I live in Canada too and there is one good place but it's out of my way and it's Whitecourt, Alberta. I think it's been hunted thoroughly though. Sour grapes attitude helps when something can't be done......:yuk-yuk:

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