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Today's Franconia Hunt 5-23-2011

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Hi All!

Pictures can be seen at http://desertsunburn.no-ip.org under Recent Finds.

Now that Wendy has found a big meteorite, she is pushing me to go all the time! She wants to join into the 200 club someday soon.

Today's hunt was awesome! We arrived at the hunt location to watch the sun rise and hunted until 12 noon. No sense in fighting the heat!

You might note one of the pictures in NOT a meteorite. It is an Egg! This thing was just laying in a small wash It's as big as a chicken Egg!

Sent the pictures of it off to AZ G&F and see if they can ID this? We did not touch it but it looked like something was inside it!

So the day's hunt went like this:

1. Wendy 10.5g OC

2. Jim <0.1g Iron

3. Wendy 0.4g Iron Her first iron ever!!!:thumbsupanim

4. Jim 45.5g OC

5. Jim 1.4g OC

6. Jim 7.49g OC (5 and 6 turned out to be a 2 piece puzzle found 4 feet from each other.

7. Jim 159.5g OC :thumbsupanim


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Aloha Jim,

What can I say but WOOF!! Team Hershey strikes again. :wubu:

And an egg to boot. Geez, is there no end to what can be found out there?

I am getting a serious case of withdrawals waiting for my GMT to arrive. May have to take a couple of days off to do some catchup work now.

Aloha and stay safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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