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Is this a Meteorite!?

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Hello everybody! I was hoping someone would help me out in identifying a rock I found outside. I don't know if my dog dug it up and put it in my flower area, but it wasn't there the day before. I will upload a few pictures and I would like to hear your opinions on what this is! It weighs about an ounce and is magnetic. The pictures will tell the rest I hope! Thanks.




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Aloha Jake,

Sure looks volcanic to me, anyone else want to venture a guess!

Aloha and dont stop looking.

Stan aka kaimi

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That, is a great "Leaverite" specimen. :inocent: No, not a meteorite. Very terrestrial.

''Leaverite is a slang term used by geologists, mineralogists, archaeologists, and amateur rock collectors to identify a specimen in the field that may look interesting but is actually not. Rocks identified as such should be left in situ, as they are not worth the hassle of transportation or deserving of a place in a respectable collection.''

I hate my life :angry-smiley-010[1]:

Thanks for the replies, I was so hoping this was some kind of mars meteorite or something! Guess the dog will be getting hit for bringing garbage onto my property!

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Sure looks like Leaverite,sub-category:slag.

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