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Surprised I didn't see anyone else mention this. Your metal detector test might be influenced by the metal/paper combo often used in the caps to seal the cap to the bottle. I didn't know this when I started out and wasted some time setting up my detector on some gold in a bottle with a similar cap.

And then there's this pic I uploaded long ago. Didn't ever get it assayed since a second trip to the site revealed that I could not find another rock like the one I had brought home. Mine crumbled when I crushed it with pliers but I did not have a microscope to see if it crumbled into cubic form or not.



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Yesterday I obtained a stone mortar/pestle from a health-food store and ground the Irregular white cubes to powder. The results was micro irregular cubes with what appears to be many micro platinum nuggets and some micro gold flakes. The only thing to do now is to get an assay. Am glad we dumped all our pannings in one location so we can recover the lost white cubes if valueable. Whats most interesting is when no gold appears in the pan, neither does the white cubes, but the cubes are always more plentiful then the gold. Thanks for the interest, bob

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Harley is back from Washington. The white cubes assay quartz, gold and silver, more silver than gold. Glad I been saving the white cubes. Still have not found a good pocket yet, but should soon, but getting bigger and more white cubes,up to 1/8", gold running 20-50 mesh.

Thanks for the interest, bob

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The area is shrist bedrock and has never been mined. I moved up the wash just recently and the cubes are getting bigger and more plentiful, gold staying the same. It appears the values are in the small stringers of quartz in the shrist, don't see any large outcroppings of quartz. The head of the wash is 1/2 mile up from where we're at now. Thanks, bob

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