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Tried to plow in today

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Made a run up to the cabin/mine today to see if we could get in. Still alot of snow. A friend has a 5 ton 6x6 with plow and had all 6 tires chained up plowing in and moving downed trees. Got to about 1/4 mile from the cabin and had to walk the rest of the way in, The cabin is still standing and water is running every where, looks like it will be another couple weeks, Some spots were bare but there were alot of downed trees and some good snow drifts. I'm getting closer to beeping time

Allen in MT




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Geez i thought summer came late here! We've got green leaves on the trees, temps squeaking past 60(supposed to be 70 in fairbanks today) and all our snow is almost gone. You've still got enough to stop a duece an half????? Craaaaap!!! pretty country tho Allen :)

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That's sure some beautiful country Allen! americanasmiley.gif

We've got an excessive snow pack this year also, and I'm told in most areas it is 150% of

normal. The North Cascades Hwy (Hwy 20) goes over the N. Cascades and gets closed in the

winter, but is almost always open by now. According to our DOT it will still be a couple weeks

before they can get all the avalanches and massive snow drifts plowed out.


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Howdy Allen,

Is it fairly normal to have snow till early June where your cabin is? Great photos and beautiful country even if a bit cold...

This was an exceptional year as we went way over nornal on snow pack, The truck is a 1978 ?? military truck 5 ton 6x6 and it can push snow. the plow was a state plow cut down and hydrolics added so that it became an angle plow. It also serves as a water truck to get water from the spring to fill his sistrin and when full the water adds 12,000 pounds, but it still wasen't enough to plow the last 1/4 mile. Might go up next weekend just to spend the night as its a short walk in now.


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Great shots, and I hear you about the snow. We were only able to get in to the mine a couple of weeks ago, and that's awful late for us. Closer to home here a lot of places up in the Rockies are still snowbound. I don't know where all that runoff is going to go, and it's getting awful late and the weather is still cool. I imagine we'll get heat all at once and then there's going to be flooding.

All the best, and good luck this season,


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