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Nugget Tech Coils?

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Anyone tried one of these yet?


In recent years, technological advancements in search coil design have lagged behind the development of Metal Detector technology. This means that, although most currently available coils perform adequately in combination with the appropriate detector, there is significant room for improvement in overall performance levels.

In response to the technology-gap, and to provide significantly enhanced service to the marketplace, Nugget Tech, a technology-based Western Australian company has researched, developed, designed and manufactured a revolutionary series of coils that represents a major technology-leap.

Nugget Tech coils are precision-manufactured to advanced technological standards and have been designed for use in combination with the latest digital Minelab GPX detector range.

Data from Nugget Tech’s exacting test and development program provides us with the science-proven confidence to launch a range of coils that will provide our customers with new, advanced tools to locate more gold, more often, and more accurately. The performance specifications for the latest Nugget Tech coils deliver stronger, more stable, sharper, and more reliable signal characteristics than inferior coils. They also deliver a very distinct target-detection signal across the full range of Gold Magnet coils.

Nugget Tech coils have been designed and developed entirely within Western Australia by experienced Western Australian prospectors and engineers. In addition, the components and exacting manufacturing methods used by Nugget Tech ensure that our coils are a home-grown Western Australian achievement.

Our vast State of Western Australia has been, and will always be, a focus of world’s-best-practice mining and exploration activity at the broadest level. Therefore, Nugget Tech is proud to have contributed to the “tradition” by harnessing Western Australian experience, skills and science in developing its range of coils. The Nugget Tech philosophy has always been: “Why go overseas to import equipment or components when the best skills and equipment can be produced here in WA”.

As a result, Nugget Tech is now able to offer its customers a range of coils that is unequalled with regard to manufacturing specifications, materials and performance. Despite the meticulous attention to quality, Nugget Tech is offering its range of coils at prices that are competitive with, and in many cases below the price levels, of other suppliers.

Our customers can also be assured that the Nugget Tech philosophy remains focused on continuous improvement through ongoing research and development. Our mission involves continual research and development of search coil technology.

The initial release of our new, state-of-science coils is being delivered to customers in our Gold Magnet range. Continuous improvement and expansion of this range of coils is an ongoing commitment for Nugget Tech and our many customers will reap the benefits of our technical research program in the years ahead.

However, a commitment to continuous improvement is not only a role for our research personnel. Nugget Tech believes in forging strong relationships with its customers so that operational field data is collected from users of our premium equipment. In our constant search to improve the quality and performance of our coils, your input is vital. As a result, Nugget Tech is committed to providing its customers with the best information, an outstanding equipment range, technical support and a commitment to excellence and continuing research. With your support, we will expand our range of coils and improve your chances for a “big find” in all situations and terrain types.

In addition to developing close relationships with its customers, Nugget Tech works closely with its technology partners who provide us with a technology-based understanding of the latest science in coil design.

Nugget Tech is a progressive company that has invested significantly in a scientific approach to improving coil design and performance. Our customers, both now and in the future, will reap the benefits of our investment in the production of the best coils that money can buy, harnessed to the best metal detectors available in the marketplace. This has allowed us to develop, and offer to our customers, the best match of coil capability and the latest detector technology. Our exploration equipment offers you unprecedented sensitivity, depth and clarity of signal return in a high-quality package that will significantly enhance your capacity to find what you are looking for.

If you are struggling with conventional, outdated search coils; then talk to Nugget Tech. We can dramatically improve your chances of finding more gold.. more often.

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Yo Billy...What ever happened with those long skinny rectangular coils you were testing last fall? ... Is THAT why there's no more gold at LSD??? :hmmmmm: cheers, Unc

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Hi Bill

I read some place that this company was started by a forum member on one of the QZ forums by the user name Pennyweight(AKA dwt and some others). His brother was promoting the coils on a few of the sites. I don't anything about him but the ones that do, didn't have many good things to say. When I first saw them they were making them in Hays Electronics coil shells and now it looks like they have come out with their own coil shells and they do look nice. I have not seen any here in the States. I have heard a few guys in OZ that have them and they seem to like them, with good reports. You can't judge a coil by it's cover, so anything is possiable. With the 2 main after market coil maker's raising prices through the roof it would be nice to have a wider choice. With our dollar dropping like a rock none of the over seas coils will be cheap in the future. Jason over at Razorback coils is working on some ML coils, he will have some protos at his outting over Memorial Day at the Rye Patch placers. His TDI coils are good and I really like a few of them, so maybe he can hit another homer with his USA made ML coils. I don't have any preconceived opinions about these coil so if they are better great, and if the price is lower even better. I would like to try a coil myself but will wait to buy untill some one from here has one in the field or they send out a tester coil to use here by us.

Keeper Swinging


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Hi All

Just an up date. I found a couple Videos on Youtube with these coils vs Nuggetfinder of same size. I don't know anything about the guys but if they infact did and honest test, as shown in the video. It seems there is some more work needed on these coils. <_<


Keeper Swinging


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