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A Bulk Density Test for a Meteorite Suspect

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Hi all!

I created a rough, crude very unedited video where I say "uhh" a lot showing how to perform a bulk density test on a meteorite suspect.

I used two rocks, one a known H5 meteorite, for the tests and I had never used these two rocks before for the test to give a realistic

example of how this test can be performed and result in something you may need. I actually have a real test bench for this stuff but wanted to show a way someone could rig a test with what they might have on hand.

The video will improve, possibly, with age! You are the first to see it here on NuggetShooter!

Enjoy... Jim


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Well done, very clear instructions, Jim...not all that many ughs in my opinion...at least you are not plaqued with the ever iritating "you know, you know you know...


G'Day Jim Fred and everyone

I have to agree very well done :whoope: :thumbsupanim

Cheers Johnno

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Nice video, Jim. Well done explanation of a little understood tool in our kit. Didn't hear "uuhhh" too much, either. Well done, thank you for it.

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Jim (Desertsunburn), I am using your steps and it does narrow down the possibilities of a rock being a meteorite. I've never seen this described so well especially using the Tare button for measuring the volume of the stone (the weight of the stone in air is a no-brainer). I thought about doing this before but stupid me I was thinking of suspending the stone in a graduated cylinder of water and reading the increase in volume by the graduations. Let's see now two and a half lines up now is that a half or a third, dang! You presented a very practical approach as one is actually measuring the buoyant force and because one gram of water is also one cc of water, we substitute the reading in grams after the ingenious Tare push for its volume, how convenient! Thanks again for teaching and informing us.

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Jim, Troy Ball in Prescott. Your video was great! Thanks for making a video and demonstrating the process. Just a written narrative would not have been nearly as helpful.

Also, thanks for your help at the Holbrook hunt. I hope to see you and your wife when I am in the Havasu and Parker area!


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Hi All!

I am glad many you have found this video useful and I thank you for the kind words.


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Excellent, Jim!

All this talk reminds me of something George Carlin mused about. To paraphrase, isn't it funny that you need two scales to find out how much a scale weighs? : )

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Jim, thank you for the excellent video and instruction. I am a brand new meteorite hunter and have no idea what I am doing, so this helps tremendously. You did a great job.

Now for the technical stuff. In the video you said "Uh" exactly 91 times. 13:33 of video time is 813 seconds ÷ 91 = 8.934.

So you only said "Uh", on average, once every 9 seconds. That is not bad at all. I have definitely heard worse. At least you, like, didn't use the word "like", like all the time!!! happy0199[1].gif

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