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I would be very careful about buying arrowheads on eBay. There is a cottage industry in India making modern reproductions of popular styles, and it would be virtually impossible to distinguish archaic ones from new repros. Most sellers identify them as such, but you can never be too careful.

I found an arrowhead a few years back and the wife's grandkids couldn't wait to visit here to hunt for arrowheads. I had enough time to buy some of the cheap "Indian"-made arrowheads, and seeded a few before taking the kids out to search for them. Holy cow were they excited when they started finding arrowheads. I later picked up all of the ones that they didn't find. They live in a suburb of L.A., and only get to go on outdoor adventures when they visit us in AZ. They're really looking forward to panning for gold on their next visit.


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Really nice arrowheads. Sounds like you got a steal on those. While most of them are made of agate, I think I see at least a couple made from obsidian which wouldn't be unusual since Oregon has plenty of it.

It used to be you could tell the real arrowheads from the fakes by looking at the surfaces. Assuming they were found laying on the ground, the side facing up would be slightly scoured from the elements while side facing down would be pretty fresh. Last I heard, they were even attempting to replicate that also. So it can be almost impossible to tell the old ones from the new.


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