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Fine tuning a VLF detector!!!

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Well, the good news is that I will soon be the owner of a GP3000. As soon as my truck gets out of the shop I am going to pick it up. I know it is not the latest and greatest technology, but it is a PI machine and I am hoping that it will allow me to go a little deeper than my Eureka Gold, and for now it is all I can afford. But in the meantime I keep hearing mention of people fine tuning their detectors. I have watched Kevin Hoagland's video several times and have followed every step he explains AND every step in the instruction booklet.

Is there a difference between turning the machine on, setting sensitivity for the type of soil mineralization, ground balancing, adjusting tone pitch to my hearing, etc., and "fine tuning" the machine? Or are those two processes one and the same? I don't really have the kind of gold (size of pieces) to do the whole poker chip thing. I only have one nugget (1-dwt) and just under 1-dwt of drywashing gold. Just want to make sure I am getting the best out of my VLF. Thanks.


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Apply what you have learned and get out in the field. Spend as much time swinging it as possible

Hi Frank,

Trust me, I use it as much as possible. I swing it roughly 4-5 times a week. I am finding lead shot approx. 6-8 inches deep and other very small pieces of metal, so I am confident I am using it right. Just didn't know if there were any tricks to tuning that I was not familiar with. Thanks.

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Sounds like you are doing things right if you are finding small LEAD SHOT that deep...steel shot and bb's are easier to detect...to fine tune you need to have a manual ground balance mode like the GB 2 has...with a course and fine knob...you can do the same (almost) with a digital but it is not quite as refined...

A piece of quail shot-#8 or 9 is a very good substitute for a small nugget...as is aluminum...

good luck


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Chris the GP3000 is a fine gold detector....start with the setting your using and just swing...when

you find a target and before you dig always play with the settings then to see if any of them respond

any better....if not better go back to the settings you were using....

As ground is always changing you never really know what settings to start with so use your normal settings

and change only if there's a problem(like very mineralized ground)...if you find a target in that type

of ground then use the better of the settings....

I found a lot of gold with my 3000 and the only thing that would make it better is the balance switch

in the handle aka GP3500...there are some after market ones that would be a good addition to an already

good machine....Good luck

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