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Spring cleaning

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Finally got around to washing the cons from a sampling trip to my claims last summer.(why do today when you can put off until tomorrow right?)Got jealous seeing everybody else's gold... so here is some of mine :grin:



just over an oz!! 3 days of dinkin around with a sluice box

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Awesome! You just inspired me to go out and try again today. (My last day off for 7 days.)


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I'm seeing gold as far as the fifth riffle down the sluice box. Was there any below that? The third, forth, and fifth seem to have nearly equal amounts, and some of those amounts look kinda chunky!

Have you panned any tailings to see if any of the finer gold is slipping past the riffles?

Is that a MacKirk sluice?

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Yep, mackirk it is. Seems to work fine for me. That pic was taken the first run, and i had ran real fast just to see what would happen. I was impressed, even at full throttle with a 1200 gph AC sump pump, 90% of the gold was in the first half of the sluice. I recombined the material and ran it again(much slower)and recovered virtually all the gold.( the 3 cents of gold left, wasn't worth the time spent lookin for it)

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Thats the most Gold I've seen in a sluice in a while.Congrats. Thanks for sharing. Davelove0029[1].gif

No sweat! well maybe last summer


:spinnin: and the man supplies :brows:

Thanks John!!!

Still no comparison to that pic of yours floating around, the loaded Le Trap pic :WOW:

I'll post up some good pics once I make up to the claims. Can't wait to get up there with my detector :zapped: I think i'm losing what few marbles i had :hahaha: short-timeritus

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