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East of Gold Basin on Sat 5-7-11

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Hey Guys, I went to the area East of Gold Basin on Saturday to see if I could find some small GB fragments. I found one there about three years ago, but no luck this time. Man-o-man was it ever windy! Besides the usual bullets, I found lots of small blasting cap fragments from the several shallow mines and the usual burried soup can lid to get my heart going. I did bump into a couple of snakes, and since there a bit of interest about wear'n gators and such, I thought ya might like the pics. I didn't think the rattlesnake would be out at 4 pm on such a windy day this late in the season. The gopher snake was an even 5 foot and the rattlesnake was about 2 foot 3 inches. I added the proper names and links if ya want to read up on them. Clifton

Sonoran Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer affinis):


Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake (Crotalus mitchelli pyrrhus)






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Aloha Clifton,

Wow, I hadn't been up in that area for years. Thanks for the pics of the area, it sure brought back some awesome memories. Yep, the snakes are coming out big time this year. So make sure you guys start wearing your snake gardz and paying attention to your surroundings.

Aloha and stay safe.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Wow! :WOW: I hate snakes. Did the Rattle Snake let you know he/she was there before you came up to it?

Thanks for the info,

Richard aka kgmrg

Richard, No rattling. He was just as the first pic. Then I got close to take a pic and he rattled for say 3 seconds (only about 5 rattles), not loud and couldn't be heard easily, specially in the wind. Act like you're hunting rattlesnakes and meteorites; that works for me (so far). Good Hunting! Clifton

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Nice pics Clifton thanks,

Any day out, even getting skunked is a great day out. Nice View, you must have hiked a ways.


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Great pics of an awesome snake! He looked fed!


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