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Best way to couple my dredge hose to crash box?


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So I've been fighting my dredge for a bit now. I have an older crash box style header box on it. The problem I'm having is when I slide my jet into the crash box the jet then becomes VERY stuck wich is a huge pain if I need to take it out for some reason (plug up, break down....) Is there a better way than just slipping the jet in there? Maybe some sort of rubber sleeve fitting? Or a camlock coupler? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.


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Unfortunately that is a problem with dredges and older ones seem to be worst, what I'm sure you know is happening is that sand particles get packed in between the jet and the crashbox mating surfaces and makes it a bear to get apart, maybe Hoser John being the old dredge dog he is can add some advice here to help, I don't have any experience with the older crashbox type dredges.

One thing you maybe able to do is make the connection with a rubber Fernco type pipe fitting, but I not sure if it will hold.


Hoser you got any advice that will help??


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I am guessing your dredge is a 5" if so I have and am willing to part with the perfect solution. It's an old Gold King threaded suction hose hook up.I'm sure Hoser knows what it is too....

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I tried like crazy to buy the castings from the lady in AZ who ended up with the gold king parts and pieces but she screwed me around on pumps,impellers,hibanker and much more. I still use my 2 1/2" gold king hibanker(now highly modified reclaimanator) and them screw ins are da BOMB just as El D suggests. Don't feed the jet in so far, tie off a support to the jet from the dredge frame to keep it from distorting. Take a hacksaw and cut through another 1/2" or so of the induction hole or hire a mexican from home depot to remove???? John tried to post pic but tooo much work and EIR deadline is staring me n' the face gotta go,try after the 10th :tisk-tisk:

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Not sure if this is something useful but our solution for this

was to get a piece of rubber about the consistency of radiator hose

but the same i.d. as the hose and the crashbox connection.

When we connected it between the hose and the box it not only

gave flexibility at that point (ridgidity made the box get upset if the hose was yanked - it would tip

the box and wash out fines), but it made it easier to disconnect the hose from the box.

I used to have a picture of it

but you know how that is...



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A T-clamp sure helps a little on those I had mine custom made with a Big T but there a real pain especially in sandy areas and sand gets packed between the the plastic and the metal jet tube , we end up taking turns twisting that jet tube until it loosen what a friggen pain!!!!.

Since that picture i've customized my 4" had the frame remade and stretched out the box lays down between pontoons now.


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