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lil color from last weekend


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Well.... it's not much to show for two days of dredgin but it's something at least. We were able to make it down to some hard pack that we worked for a while but the current is still pretty swift and keeping overburden out of the hole was a constant battle. This was taken from the Grimes creek area in the Boise basin. Any other hot spots we should try? I'd love to get a trip together. Let me know.




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Yeah she sure catches everything but it's a serious pain to get in and out that's for sure. Water was a slightly chilli 34F but I was rockin an Xcell 9/7/6 semi dry and I was friggin hot! I meant to post this on the prospecting forum BTW, Sorry. :shrug:

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That looks like a good time. Congrats and thanks for posting the pictures for us!


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That semi-flare header is righteous on a triple sluice. In heavy clay just lower the front,hit the throttle and prosper. Fines area lay flat, reduce speed, and away ya go with decent recovery. :twocents: John -owned a couple a 5" but my highly modified 6" triple semi flare with the ungodly 18hp big impeller special pump,extended middle box rocked righteously. When done with EIR bs I'll find and post some righteous pics in bottom of a 1,500+ vertical canyon and POUNDS of righteous gold gold gold :hahaha:

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