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I'm heading up to some property that my uncle is going to be taking care of. they own a few thousand acres and the trinity and mad river run through it. The property has been in there family for generations and they say that the rivers have never been mined on there property, or even lightly prospected and have always been patrolled regularly, from what the say there are several creeks and springs running to the river in this mountain area of there property. On either sides of the property were old timer mining areas, i have the opportunity to do as i please on the property from hunting, fishing, and yes!! some Prospecting to any level i would please, except Dredging of course.. the property owner is very wealthy and had recently inherited the property from his father who was very strict about the creeks and rivers on the property never allowing anything, even fishing. I'm heading up there in June for 4 days to do some scouting for dear season. Ill bring my video camera sluice, and a few other small scale items and see what I can do. Ill update this when i get some footage.

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Sound like a special kind of place,Keep it close to the cuff, and hope the best for your adventure. Look for platinum and small gemstones also there is some very interesting stuff in that local, it is paradise up there,

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