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Some SD2200 Gold....


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After 2 days with a genuine skunk riding on me, I teamed up with a friend, :zip-lip: and we removed alot of rock in a likely spot. Wouldnt you know it, we were both rewarded with a few nuggies for the hard labor. :scare:

These are my fortunate finds. Roughly 6.5 Grams or so...


Heres a friendly fella who was keeping an eye on things near the Pistachio Patch ;)


A couple "insitu" shots :brows:




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Beauties, all around, Adam... Great in situ and a real beauty on the Gila monster... WTG ... Cheers, Unc

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Nice Adam, I spent 12 hours yesterday trying to find other pieces of the specie I detected with no luck, all I got was a sore shoulder and disappointment.

I'm curious if when you find a spot like that you took a brush and dustpan and collected all the material there down to the bedrock ?

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Thanks everyone,, it was a fun day ... :head:

El Dorado, Sorry I didnt mean to imply that I got the crumbs beepin. I just specked them blowing out crevaces so I toss em in the bottle too....

Hey Boulder climber, I did a short belay SRT down a 47 foot waterfall and the black one was at the bottom in the Glory Hole :yuk-yuk: Remember you are a millionaire too , you just got to dig it up :hahaha:

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Good going, I love to see pics like those you took. Most people dont do it. Anyway hope theres more to come for you.

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