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Analog Specie

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Climax to the weekend hunt came on Monday morning. The ol analog 3500 with a 20" SL round coil PIERCED THE SILENCE with my best specie yet just under 5 grams :D .

They'll have to pry this cold carbon fiber shaft from my hands to get it away from me.

I'm lovin it !!! :wubu:


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Hey Frank,

GREAT FIND.. Congrats. Your getting a lot of the gold specimens, soon your going to find the source. Thats why me and Stan could not find you... hiding out with Marvin :shhhhh: Sure are pretty nugs.


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Frank for some reason those always seem to be loners out in GB. The little solid ones seem to have larger families, the solid chunks seem to have a smaller kinship out there,It is a big old spotty area up there, nice chunk o gold tho ,

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