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Nugget Shooting in Washington State ? HELP


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Hey guys this is my very first post!! I live in Washington State and was wandering if any one new of a nugget shooting spot to go in Snohomish county or blewett pass area! If any one know's of an area please Tell me!! Thanks


Howdy Steve, and welcome to the site...howdy.gif

I'm in the Upper Skagit valley, and have detected western Wa. for years. Never heard of any meteorite hunting happening on this side of the mountains, but there could well be some areas accessible over on the east side. You might check with the Pilchuck Treasure Hunters, as they are based out of Everett and if there was anyplace to hunt meteorites in Snohomish they should know.

You might try a Google search, as there are a few leads you might track down:


Would love to try finding a few space rocks myself, but unfortunately the old CZ-6A doesn't do well in that super mineralized ground.


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Hey dizzy, I'm not much looking for meteorites but for gold nuggets!

ROFL..My apologies Steve, as I must have had meteorites on the brain... :eee:

You might try a detector on some of the placer areas on the Sultan River, but there are many claims in that area so be sure to check first. As for Blewett Pass, I do know there are many productive placer claims in the area, but I've never spent any time up there.

You might check with the WPMA, as they have many claims on the east side:



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